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Collating the Going Deaf For A Fortnight shenanigans


This isn’t strictly GDFAF-related, but anyone looking at this is likely to be interested in live music and may wish to know about one of the more unscrupulous organisations that pretends to put on gigs in the name of altruism.

A debate occurred about the merits or lack thereof of the Surface Unsigned ‘Battle Of The Bands’ competition in March. Two months later, Surface Unsigned themselves have (rather than attempt to defend themselves or put across their own point of view) attempted to get the post deleted by means of a decidedly spurious looking legal threat.

Now that’s not how we behave, is it?

For more detail, see what the three Created In Birmingham guvnors Chris, Danny and Pete have to say about it.


Technically the day after GDFAF but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this slide.

Pete, being me, went to see Mike in Mono, The Courtesy Group, Calvados Beam Trio, Scott H Biram, Kling Klang and the Black Diamond Heavies at the Hare and Hounds.

And Dunc went to see Los Campesinos! at the Custard Factory.

If we’re 21st-ing, we should also note that The Baron went to see Flamboyant Bella, Big Ice Gem and Bi-Polar Baby at The Bar Academy.


Russ L fought past his sadness at being so near the end and went to see Jeffrey Lewis, Professor Louis and Dexter at The Hare And Hounds.

Rich Batsford attended the very same gig.

As did Tom.

Ben turned this whole thing transatlantic by going to see !!! and Lioness at Toronto Opera House.


The Baron attended The 444 club at The Rainbow again.

Russ L went to the Oxjam benefit gig at The Island Bar.


Several of Russ L‘s dreams came true when he went to see Billy Ocean at Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

Tom wrote about his Thursday gig in two posts, one for Jenny Owen Youngs and another for Jim White.


Russ L experienced the rock of Unsane and Bee Stung Lips at The Medicine Bar.

Pete made a more audio-visual report of the aforementioned.


Russ L found himself having a look at Bark! at The Lamp Tavern.

The Baron, meanwhile, grooved on down with The Rumblestrips and The Answering Machine at Birmingham’s Academy 2.


Russ L went to see Pram, the Modified Toy Orchestra and Shady Bard at Birmingham Town Hall.

Jez went to the same gig, too.

Rich Batsford went there, as well.

And Andy Pryke, he was there.

Pete went but copped out slightly with a pathetic excuse.

Dunc also did the Town Hall thing on his new blog.

What did Tom go to see? You guessed it.

mp3 blogger Dean was also there and, as you’d expect, his review has sounds.

Baron, in a completely unexpected turn of events, was yet another attendee.


Russ L found himself perceiving Contempt, Eastfield and Pungent Smells at The Malt Shovel.

More, more! Hang those who talk of less. Post any links in the comments.


The Baron got further into the spirit of things with The Bourgeois Four, Ill Ease, Fade To Sepia and Pete Hollywood at The Actress And Bishop.

Any more? Feel free to leave a link in the comments box.