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Day 10: Monday the 15th

Russ L went to see Pram, the Modified Toy Orchestra and Shady Bard at Birmingham Town Hall.

Jez went to the same gig, too.

Rich Batsford went there, as well.

And Andy Pryke, he was there.

Pete went but copped out slightly with a pathetic excuse.

Dunc also did the Town Hall thing on his new blog.

What did Tom go to see? You guessed it.

mp3 blogger Dean was also there and, as you’d expect, his review has sounds.

Baron, in a completely unexpected turn of events, was yet another attendee.


9 Responses to “Day 10: Monday the 15th”

  1. So did Rich Batsford

    as did Andy Pryke

    I know of at least three others who were there and are yet to report.

  2. Ta. I did see The Baron/Lady Baron. Was The Mighty P’Ashton himself present? He posted something about going to buy a ticket not so long ago, I recall.

  3. He was. I bought him an ice cream and everything. Not that you’d know …

  4. I don’t follow. Was he particularly sneaky with his ice cream?

  5. […] (Many, many other people reviewed this gig, which kinda takes the heat off. Some of them are on the GDFAF page.) […]

  6. […] of bloggers at the Pram / Modified Toy Orchestra / Shady Bard gig at the Town Hall on Monday if the Going Deaf For A Fortnight project is anything to go by. If you reviewed the gig leave a comment on that post and it’ll be […]

  7. (I was merely referring to his tardiness in writing it up, not that I was looking for a special mention for myself. Although it’s always nice, of course.)

    This name-unknown-to-me chap was also there, and so was not-known-to-me-either Dean.

  8. Right, so, hands up any West Mids bloggers who didn’t go?

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