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Collating the Going Deaf For A Fortnight shenanigans


GDFAF is a very silly idea, but that never stopped anyone.

Going Deaf For A Fortnight is what it stands for, a play on Going Deaf For A Living, the title of Steve Lamaque’s autobiography which he in turn ripped off from someone. Pete did it in 2005, Russ did it in 2006, and this year everyone is doing it.

The central idea is to go to as many gigs as possible in 14 days. If you can do 14 gigs then that’s great. If you can’t then that’s okay too.

The hidden motive is to get you to investigate the live music scene in your town or city and to see bands and acts you wouldn’t normally try. Those listings you see where none of the names are familiar and you can’t deduce what they might sound like – here’s a chance to find out. Go random, experiment, get out of your comfort zone.

The downside is you’ll probably see some terrible bands as well as discovering the geniuses, but that’s not really a problem because it’s not just about seeing the bands.

When you’ve done the gig you write about it on your blog, ideally as soon as possible and definitely before you go to the next one. Talk about the music, the stage presence, the venue, the crowd, the journey there, whatever gets your writing juices flowing. If the band were awful then tear them to pieces. If the band were the second coming of Christ then praise their asses to kingdom come. Gonzo music journalism doesn’t really have any rules so go for it.

And then, once you’ve done all that, let us know and we’ll link to you on the blog. We’ll be posting a new entry for each day – leave your link in the comments.

If you’re not partaking for whatever reason (and remember, one gig still counts) you can still get involved by blogging about the project and spreading the word.


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