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Get a Blog

In order to take part in Going Deaf For A Fortnight you need your own weblog. All we do here at GoodFaf Central is link to your writing, not host it.

Getting a blog is free and easy. We recommend using Blogger or because they’re quick and simple to set up and have all the bits and bobs you’ll need to GDFAF. You’ll be blogging in minutes, we promise.

You may already have a blog. If you’ve got a MySpace page then you can use the blog service there. It’s kinda shitty but it does the job. similarly a Yahoo or MSN account probably has a blogging service buried away there.

You can also get creative if you want. You could narrate the gig over a video and post it on YouTube or create a photo essay on Flickr. Or even go old-school and create a website for your GDFAF. We won’t be tracking these so make sure you tell us about them.

And when you’re writing about the gig, make sure you link to the bands under analysis. Linking is easy – there are probably handy buttons in your blogging software to do it. And please link to GoodFaf Central. Here’s the code:

<a href="">GDFAF</a>


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