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Collating the Going Deaf For A Fortnight shenanigans


Russ L proceeded with the ‘Best Of British Urban’ do at Birmingham Town Hall.

The Baron, meanwhile, attended the ‘444 Club’ do at The Rainbow.

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Russ L got on down with Raging Speedhorn, Shaped By Fate and Mothertrucker at The Little Civic.


Russ L ploughed on, this time with Acacia, New Street Adventure and Masca at The Rainbow.

Jez breaks all the rules and GDFAFs Cirque du Soleil. I guess anything goes now.

Did you go to a gig on this night? You did, didn’t you? Thought so. Stick a link to your write-up in the comments, please.


Pete took his laptop to see The Elements at the Hare and Hounds and blogged it as it happened. A GDFAF first and no mistake.

Russ L, ever the traditionalist, took a more standard approach and wrote about the ‘Bohemian Jukebox’ gig at The Bulls Head after it happened.

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Jez went to see Thomas Dolby at the Academy 2 in Birmingham.

Ken went to said same gig.

Russ L went to the same one too.

That Baron, he went too.

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Russ L did the double with The Destroyers/Andy Hamilton & The Blue Notes/Gabiddon at Birmingham Town Hall and Heavy Trash/Copter/The Micrateens at The Hare & Hounds.

Jon Bounds went to the latter, too, and you cannot accuse him of being prolix.

One Chris Unitt went to see The Maccabees, Derek Mains and Laura Marlin at The Academy.

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It’s on.

Russ L kicked things off by going to see Sweet Seduction, The Lowlifes and King Nothing at The Flapper in Birmingham.

Rob Horrocks went to see The Dead Fish at The Spotted Dog before hopping over to The Yardbird to see DC Fontana.

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Jez Higgins makes his plans.

Here’s a scan of the Metro plug:

We’re in the 7inch Cinema listings.


Apparently GDFAF got a mention in the Metro newspaper today. I say apparently as, not being a commuter, I rarely see a copy of the rag, but it’s nice that they’ve noticed the project.

Five days to go.

The Baron makes some feeble excuses for not doing the whole fortnight and lists some potential gigs for you to try in the Birmingham area.

Russ L gets his 2007 “personal intro” out of the way. I’m not sure Billy Ocean counts as classic GDFAF-fodder but who am I to criticise.

Quick mentions from Ben Silentwords and Focalplane.

If you’re blogging about the madness just make sure you include “GDFAF” somewhere in your post and we’ll pick up on it.



Going Deaf For A Fortnight was a really stupid project done by Pete Ashton in 2005 and, incredibly, repeated by Russ L in 2006. This year we’re opening it up to everyone.

The basic premise in simple. Starting on Saturday, October 6th you go to as many gigs as humanly possible in your local town for a fortnight. You then write substantial reviews of them and post them on your blog. If you manage to do 14 by Saturday October 20th then you don’t win a prize.

The point of this exercise is to discover new stuff. There are countless gigs going on in your home town by bands you’ve never heard of. That’s no reason not to give them a go. Sure, you’ll find yourself sitting through turgid Oasis wanabes that make you want to pour acid in your ears but you’ll also come across unsung geniuses. Trust us.

If you’re doing this seriously then avoid the easy options. Don’t see bands you know at obvious lager-sponsored venues. Seek out the rough looking pub in the dodgy part of town that has gigs in the upstairs room. Be adventurous.

And when you’ve written your review (ideally within 24 hours of the event and before you go to the next one) leave the URL in the comments box below and we’ll link to it from this blog.

Any questions?