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The Rules

You don’t need us telling you what to do. Since you insist, though, there are two levels to this:

Minor GDFAF – Go to some gigs, damnit! That’s the most important part. Once you’ve done that, you can write about them afterwards. We don’t want to hear anybody protesting that they “don’t know how to write about music” or anything silly like that. Just write your thoughts about the time you had.

Major GDFAF – At least fourteen gigs. In a row. Precedent has established that it is permissable to have one night off in the middle if you want, but it’s better if you use that night off to go to some other type of non-gig event which you can write about as well. Your reviews should, ideally, be written the day after each one, although we understand that life gets in the way sometimes.

Whichever version you opt for, use the comments boxes of this site to let us know when you’ve posted your wonderful tales of gig-going daring-do. We’ll link them from here, and a collective memory of the fortnight will be built.

The Most Important Rule Of All – Don’t refer to gigs as “Shows”. It’s just wrong.


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